How does it work?

By subscribing to the NPS-I for just $60.00 per annum learners have access to e-books, e-modules, articles, legislation and regulation, expert opinion, an interactive blog and extensive network of payment system practitioners without having to spend thousands of Dollars in tuition fees usually associated with one-on-one training that takes place in a classroom or conference venue.

In order to subscribe and make the required online payment, follow the steps below:

        1. Click on the Subscribe now button.  Fill out the subscription information that is required and submit the form.
        2. You will be sent an email with your username and password and a link that you must click on to validate your subscription account.
        3. Click on the Validation link and login using the username and password provided.
        4. You will be taken to a page asking for your credit card payment information. Please enter your valid credit card information, this is secured by use of SSL encryption technology and this information, for additional security, is not stored on our website.
        5. Once you have entered your payment information as per the step above,    payment will be processed. Once payment has been successful you will be redirected to the Subscribers content page, where you can access and download the content for NPS-I subscribers.