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Looking for a National Payments System Law, Banking Law or perhaps the Central Bank Law? Struggling to find other legislation, regulation, rules, directives or guidelines that have an impact on the soundness of the legal framework governing the National Payments System including Securities Markets Law, Civil and Commercial Codes, Competition Law, Anti-Money Laundering Law and Regulation, Mobile Payments Guidelines or RTGS access criteria?

Look no further. The National Payments System Institute online library contains:

  • Over 500 downloadable laws and regulations that have specific and broad applicability to payment systems in Asia, Australia and Oceania, Central America and the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and Greater Arabia, North America, South America and Sub-Saharan Africa;
  • Key publications on payments systems including ”Red Book” and “Green Book” country chapters published by Bank for International Settlements, Committee on Payment and Settlement Systems (BIS/CPSS);
  • Information, academic and position papers covering a number of relevant topics including: interoperability, interchange, e-money, clearing and settlement and risk management principles for electronic banking to name a few; and
  • Supporting documents cited in National Payments System Institute e-books, e-modules, training materials and other publications.


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